The 12th year of Aueen Seondeok, Monk Jajang built Woljeongsa Temple in Odaesan Mountain after he met Manjusri in person in China.

He has been considered as the spritual leader of Korean Buddhism. He said he rather  choose to live one day ascetic than to live long greedy.
After he came to Woljeongsa Temple, he practiced asceticism for 27 tears until he entered into Nirvana. He promulgated his philosophy that people should be a wise crane (those who reached Nirvana) not tan an eloquent parrot (hypocrites).
Master Tanhuh started his service in Woljeongsa Temple in 725 A.D. during the reign of King Seongdeok.

He heavily influenced Korean Buddhism by exerting much effort in educating monks and translating 120 Buddhist books including Hwa-um Kyung that was the greatest theory book on Buddhism.

He was the first religious person in Korea to receive The Eun-Gwan order of cultural merits from the government .
After practicing asceticism under Han-Am monk, he rebuilt Dae-Woong jeon that burnt down during the Korean War.

He put much effort into creating a beautiful scenery for the temple by constructing many sacred buildings.