Woljeongsa Temple located in front of Manwolsan Mountain shows the beauty with its unique atmosphere of quietness. In front of the temple, Keumgangyeon the crystal clear stream flows and offers the magnificent views.

Odaesan Mountain is the holy mountain of Manjusri, the bodhisattva of wisdom and intellect; and it is the only mountain in South Korea considered the whole area near the mountain as the sacred place of Buddhism.

Woljeongsa Temple was founded in 643 during the reign of Queen Seondeock, the Silla Dynasty. Master Jajang met Manjusri in person at Taewha Lake in Odaesan Mountain in Sanseoseong while he was studying in China. Manjusri gave him the surplice and the sarira of the Buddha, and told him to go and find the mountain named Odae in Silla.

After he came back to Silla, he reached Odaesan Mountain in Myung-joo (current Gangwon province) and built Woljeongsa Temple. He enshrined the relic of the Buddha in the middle peak of Odaesan Mountain and built Jeokmyulbogung on it.
The belief in Odaesan Mountain is based on the religion of Manjusri, the bodhisattva of widsom and intellect.

During the reign of Unified Silla Kingdom, it changed and specified to the religion of 50000 Manjusries
by Bocheon, the prince of Silla, who became King Seongdeok later. What it says are 10000 Manjusries are staying in the middle of Odaesan Mountain, and 40000 different bodhisattvas are staying the other four sides of the mountain.

End of Koryeo Dynasty, during the service of Master Naong, Woljeongsa Temple was expanded its facilities and the disciples of Master Naong repaired the old buildings.

Later, in the middle of Joseon Dynasty, during the service of Master Samyungdang, Sago (the archives building of Joseon Dynasty) was built in Woljeongsa Temple and that made Woljeongsa Temple keep holding its prosperity.

Since the Japanese colonial era, Master Hanam serviced and he aroused the genuine spirit of Buddhism through Seonggaochic (the five rules for Buddhist).

Woljeongsa Temple once again firmed its status as the lead temple of Korean Buddhism, and took the initiative in building Dong-guk University.

The Temple was burnt down and heavily damaged during Korean War by our troops who set fire on whole temples while they were retreating.

Master Tanheo who mastered Whaum (the Avatamska Sutra) and covered all the Sutras and Asian philosophies started to rebuild the temples during his term. Master Manhwa, one of the disciples of Master Tanheo, rebuilt the current Jukgwangjeon (the main temple in Woljeongsa Temple).

Rev. Jeongnyeom, the current chief monk in Woljeongsa Temple, has kept trying to re-establish the era of prosperity of Odaesan Mountain since the very first year of his services.