The road between Iljoomun(the One Pillar Gate) of
Woljeongsa Temple through Sangwonsa Temple is called
the road of life that was remained as the dirt road denied
to be paved.

We will walk along the road that many true seekers passed
through since Master Jajang founded Woljeongsa Temple
and opened the door to the world of the Buddha about
1300 years ago with all of the fourfold community
gathering together.

Please have time to walk along the road of enlightenment,
wisdom and life with your loved ones with looking around
all beautiful green leaves of spring and listening to
the sounds the stream flowing.

The 12th of Odaesan Mountain Chunnyun Forest and Sunjaegil Trekking
Planned : May 9th, 2015 10:00 AM ~ 15:00 PM
Course : From Woljeongsa Temple to Sangwonsa Temple
For Information : Woljeongsa Temple Main office 033-339-6800
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